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Tools For Humaning


Fellow Travelers, Spirit has put these writings in front of you, to challenge you today!

Yes, to challenge you, to push you towards the abyss, of knowing your Self, much more deeply.

Not that that abyss be a negative thing, but it is a much deeper than most humans currently know.

The human creature often feigns simplicity, but under the two dimensional masks, there are many more dimensions to this adventure of humaning.

Would you let yourself believe, that you have no higher Purpose in coming to this Earthly plane, than to be a temporary biological blob?

Do you think yourself simply a cosmic fungus, a mistake, or some kind of unforseen overhead expense for the Divine Plan?

Or perhaps you may consider your existence to be an accident, or some form of intergalactic luck?................................

I think not.

Look at the uncountable Miracles, which have occurred, for you to even be here today!

Not so long ago, you were only two cells, and a twinkle in your mother's eye.

Not so long ago, you were only the stardust and sunshine, which grew into the food, which your mother ate, that was formed into your body.

Not so long ago, you had no thoughts, no mind concepts, and no knowledge with which to sculpt your life Path. ...........................

So, think not that you exist randomly.

You are not only a part of an infinite Intelligence, but an active participant in a grand evolution.

You yourself are a Being of phenomenal creativity and intelligence.

You are a Being with the ability to continually sculpt your life, and be beautifully unique, different from any other human that has ever existed.

For you to think that such a Creature, has no Higher Purpose, is an absurdity indeed.

Every cell in your body, every impluse and energy pattern in your Being, knows you came here with a Purpose.

So, here you are..........................

Do you feel a desire to consciously know what that Purpose is?

Does the core of your consciousness scream out, WHY AM I HERE ?

Is your deepest fear, that you will die, without knowing what being a human being really is?

Are the hardships of living a physical existence, even worth it, without a knowing of your True Nature?

Is it worthwhile to belong to a club of mortal beings, who suffer and die all around you, if you don't comprehend a larger, and purposeful Reality?

Are you willing to settle for knowing so little, as most people are?

Are you willing to settle for having an unknown fate?

Are you willing to settle for an existence of vulnerability, and uncertainty?

Are you willing to live under the assumption that you will truly die, that it is simply a question of when?

Are you willing to live only knowing yourself as a mortal being, amidst the constant barrage of fears that a mere physical plane existence provides?

Are you willing to lose so much of your life energy, to things and fears, that are not of Love, Beauty, or Truth?

Are you interested in exploring the possibility, that you are a powerful spirit Being, simply choosing to have a human experience?

Would you consider the possibility that your five senses, can only detect a small percentage of the information that is actually available to you in this life?

Are you willing to miss the chance to discover, that you are a Creator yourself, simply doing God's creating, in this limited dimension?............................................

Explore your nature, and existence Here, until you can see, that you get to CHOOSE, Who You Are and Why You Came Here !

Know Thy True Nature

Know Thyself

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