About the Art

This series of sculptures is intentionally glyphic in nature. The power of symbology for storing information has always intrigued me. Since the earliest days of humanity, symbolism has been used as the most effective way to store important knowledge, a way more durable and universal than using the written or spoken word. A deep viewing of powerful symbols in art and other forms is actually a powerful personal attunement of the viewer to the information, truly a "psychic reading" of the individual symbols. This level of connection between the viewer and the viewed provides for a powerful transfer of the knowledge contained in the symbology.

The choice of heavy iron as the medium for my sculptures has been affected by the ancient and even primordial relationship that humankind has had with natural iron. Not only is iron the basis for many of the functional properties of human blood, but the very electromagnetic fields that all earth creatures live in are an effect of the iron core of this planet. Our natural attunements to our environment are what can allow us to easily sense the "presence" of individual iron sculptures that have a large mass. Modern science itself has even started to become intrigued with the mental, emotional, and physiological effects on humans of our earth iron-based magnetics.

I have chosen natural types of patinas for my pieces instead of industrial coatings or paints. This results in sculptures that are an ongoing, interactive, and natural process. After installation, each piece begins slowly interacting with its environment, and settles into a relationship with the wind, rain, sun, and even vegetation of its display site. Patina changes are usually subtle, but a fascinating visual unfoldment.

Although some of the symbolism of my pieces could be interpreted as traditional, I hope you will experience that much of it will transcend your rational faculties. Like the disciplined meditator, you may discover that there is no inherent necessity for a complex mandala in order to sense much greater possibilities.