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Tools For Humaning

For you, and only you, you know yourself more deeply,
ask yourself how you would answer these questions.

How much of your mind activity is concerned with safety, security, and survival?

What is your personal philosophy, and all of its aspects?

If it becomes appropriate, how free are you to walk away from any of your life situations?

How unassailable is your confidence and belief in yourself?

What depth of Faith and Trust lies within you?

What measure of feelings of loneliness can you experience, and still remain in balance?

If it were appropriate, for your spiritual evolution, could you release or completely change your relationship with your:

Family Money

Friends Country

Neighborhood Origins

Belief Systems Old Wounds

Have you mastered your relationship with money in your life?

How do you perceive, and relate to, most of the institutions of organized humanity (i.e. government, religions, business entities, social organizations, etc.)?

How do you feel about, and interact with, fellow humans who have a low level of consciousness?

Have you cultivated a clear understanding of the difference between Ego, and True Personal Power?

Do you truly know the difference between Work, and struggle?

Are you cultivating a direct knowing, of why you came "here," at this time, as this Person?

You have a great deal more courage than most humans, at this time, if you are truly interested in answering these questions for yourself.

The key for you, to have a very different life, to have a powerful, satisfying, and beautifully lived life, is what the Masters from all spiritual traditions have always pointed to:

Know Thy True Nature

Know Thyself

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